Saving in the Season of Spending

Photo Credit: Johanna Abzug via Flickr

Photo Credit: Johanna Abzug via Flickr

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the Christmas season sets in after Halloween is over. I’m one of those people who thinks that it is sack-religious to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. So, you can imagine my frustration when the commercials begin to feature Christmas lights, trees and music. But, I have to say that my largest frustration with this season is its eternal encouragement for you to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND not just others but also on yourself. I want to offer an alternative message this Christmas season, instead of focusing on spending why not focus on saving?

First, save money on gifts. I encourage you to make a budget for all of the gifts that you intend to purchase this Christmas season and stick to it. Make your money last by using coupons and checking out sales. Buy or make gifts that matter this Christmas, rather than just buying something for the sake of it. Think about how you can give of your time and not just your money to those you love. Check out this article on frugal gifts!

I absolutely love giving gifts, but we have to make sure, as frugal people, that we are giving for the right reason this season. Are we giving because we love to shop and buy gifts? Are we giving because we want to top someone else’s gift? Or, are we giving because we love and care about people and want to give them something meaningful? Better yet, are we giving in celebration of Christ’s coming? It is not worth spending our money on anything that is less than meaningful this season.

With all of that money that you save by giving frugal, meaningful gifts that fit into your budget, I encourage you to do two things with it: save the day for someone in need and save money for the future. First, save the day for someone in need. Take the time to celebrate the season by giving away some of the money that you would have spent on Christmas gifts. Maybe you choose to buy Christmas gifts for those who can’t afford it. Maybe you choose to give your time to serve Christmas dinner to folks at a shelter. Or, maybe you choose to incorporate giving into some of your Christmas gifts by giving money or items to an organization in honor someone. Check out Oxfam America, Sevenly or ELCA good gifts for some great ideas!

Lastly, save money for the future. It can be SO tempting to spend money on yourself during this season. Begin “acting yourself into a new way of thinking” by intentionally setting aside money that you may have spent shopping and putting it away in your emergency fund, retirement savings or other short term savings fund. This is one of the absolute best gifts that you can give yourself, even $20 can make a difference. For more information about the importance of saving for the future, check out this post.

I challenge you this season to save rather than spend. When you do spend, spend that money on gifts that matter. Check out the Advent Conspiracy for more information on making your Christmas season meaningful.

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6 thoughts on “Saving in the Season of Spending

  1. Hi Grace, I attended the ‘Stewardship with those under 40′ Conference this summer… I am wondering where you might direct me to find information on forming a giving circle? Thanks, The Rev. Carolyn Seabrook All Saints’ Westboro Church, Ottawa, ON, Canada

  2. The need is great in helping those affected byTyphon Haiyan……Convoy of Hope of the Assemblies of God is always there to help so our heart goes out in that direction. Thank the Lord for blessing us.

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