Procrastinator’s Guide to Frugal Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! I decided to bring back this popular post from last year with a few new costume ideas for this year!

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend 2.6 billion dollars on costumes for adults, children and pets this Halloween. The average spending per person is predicted to be about $75 on decorations, costumes, and candy! For those of us who are trying to live frugally, holidays can be a challenge. Here are a few frugal, DIY Halloween costumes for those who are still looking for ideas for this year or beginning to think about next year:

  • Classic Toga Costume: Wrap yourself in a sheet + sandals + put leaves in your hair
  • Jay Crew: Polo Shirt + Khakis + a name tag that says “Jay”
  • Jellyfish: Clear umbrella + party streamers or metallic ribbons hanging from it
  • Sick and Tired: Pajamas + thermometer + ice pack + pillow
  • Olympian: Track suit + medal + Olympics logo
  • Hippy: Tye-Dye apparel + bell bottoms + sunglasses + beads
  • Prom Queen: Formal dress (old bridesmaid dress, prom dress, etc.) + Tiara + Sash
  • Facebook: Write “book” across your face
  • Mixed Greens: Wear a variety of different green clothing
  • Beer Bottle: T-shirt of favorite beer brand + Get a foil pie plate, punch two holes in it at either end, and run string through it. Put it on your head like a hat and tie it.
  • Identity Crisis: Plaster yourself with nametags, each with a different name.
  • Carmen San Diego: Red Trench, purple/black hat, gloves, boots, and a globe
  • Freudian Slip Costume: Write Freudian words (regression, Oedipal complex, etc.) on a slip
  • Highway: Black clothes + Yellow dotted line with duck tape down the middle + toy cars and paper signs glued on your body.
  • Lady Bug: Pin some felt or paper circles on a red dress and pick up a pair of wings from a halloween store or goodwill.
  • Bunch of Grapes: This is a great one to do with friends. Wear a purple, red or green shirt then tape balloons of the same color all over your shirt and put leaves in your hair.

For more ideas check out wisebread, realsimple, buzzfeed, c.r.a.f.t. and essortment.

Join the Conversation: What is your favorite frugal Halloween costume?

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