Spring Frugal Activities

Spring is coming! In the twin cities, the snow is beginning to melt. It is warming up and the world is becoming greener. While there may be one last snow fall or two, spring is on its way. As you think about warmer, greener days. Here are some fun and frugal ways to celebrate the coming of spring:

  • Fresh Groceries: Enjoy some fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers this spring by visiting one of the many twin cities farmer’s markets, most of these markets open in April or May. This is also a great time to join a local CSA by buying a share (or half share) that will give you fresh produce and meats (depending on the farm) from early summer through the fall.;
  • Visit the Animals: Visit the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, especially the Spring Flower Show beginning March 23rd.  Then visit theFarm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo from March 29-April 30.
  • Go Maple Syruping: The end of March is the time for tapping the maple trees and making maple syrup. Learn about the process of making syrup, sample some local syrup and even try your hand at tapping the trees at these local events located in state parks around the area.
  • Easter Eggs: This is the season for Easter eggs. Try making your own with these DIY organic dye recipes. Also, check out the many Easter egg hunts for families around the Twin Cities.
  • Earth Day Events: Earth day is April 22nd, check out the many events taking place around the cities to celebrate our great, green Earth. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day: St. Patty’s Day is this Sunday. This weekend will be chock full of parades, events, dancing, and other lively St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Check out this site for information about events going on in your area.
  • Film Festivals: Minneapolis and St. Paul hosts an International Film Festival April 14-May 5 featuring 170 films from over 50 countries.
  • Yard Sale/Garage Sale: It’s the season for cleaning and de-cluttering your home/apartment. Join in the fun by hosting your own yard/garage sale with a few friends. Or, check out the many sales around town to find good deals on many household items.
  • Garden: Got a green thumb? Why not try your hand at gardening this Spring? Here are some tips for starting your own vegetable garden. If you don’t have much gardening experience, you might start by growing your own herbs. You can even grow your own herbs indoors, so don’t let lack of space stop you! 
  • Visit a Local Park or Lake: Take a walk around one of the many local lakes, go for a hike in a park, go camping or bike on the trails. If you are interested in biking but don’t own a bike, take a look at Nice Ride Minnesota’s bike share program.

Join the Conversation: What is your favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities in the Spring?

P.S.- Don’t forget to keep submitting your frugal recipes to me at dduddy002@luthersem.edu or by posting them as a comment on the Frugal Recipes blog article. Last week I only received two comments, I would love some more!


2 thoughts on “Spring Frugal Activities

  1. My man and I are so looking forward to April/May and farmer’s markets. Grace, do you know if CSA’s and co-ops are really nice for the budget? If I were to pick one thing, what should I pick?

  2. Great question Jenna! I think that the best bet if you are on a budget is farmer’s markets so that you can buy only as much as you need and they are generally cheaper than co-ops because you are getting them directly from the source. I’ve struggled to do co-ops on a budget, but I know others who have done it very successfully. My man and I are thinking about trying a CSA this year, when you price them out week by week a full share is from $24-32/week depending on the farm (feeds a family of 4 or 2 veggie lovers) and a half share is from $12-21/week depending on the farm (feeds a family of 2 or 1 veggie lover). I would say that is fairly frugal for farm fresh produce. What do you think? I am actually doing some research on CSA’s in the twin cities area, we should chat about that sometime!

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