What’s Your Favorite Frugal Recipe?

Do you struggle to find frugal recipes that are both healthy and delicious? Do you wish that you could find some more recipes to add to your collection that have been recommended by other frugal people just like you? Look no further! Let me introduce you to a potential new addition to the right side bar of the frugal-community home page: Featured Frugal Recipe. Starting this week there will be a different featured frugal recipe each week. This week’s featured frugal recipe is California Grilled Veggie Sandwiches. Just click on the image in the right side bar to see the recipe. This is one of my personal favorite frugal recipes. It is cheap, easy, and absolutely scrumptious!

However, adding a new frugal recipe each week is quite a daunting task. So, I need your help! Please share with me your favorite frugal recipes by commenting on this post. All that I need is the title of the dish and a link to the recipe. If your recipe isn’t online please email me a copy of the recipe at: dduddy002@luthersem.edu. Pictures are appreciated! Don’t think that you have a great frugal recipe? Think again. I’m looking for anything from brown bag lunch recipes to crock pot recipes to brunch recipes. As long as it is frugal and delicious it qualifies!

If I can get at least 25 recipe submissions by next week, I will keep the Featured Frugal Recipe side bar feature as well as share all of the recipes that I receive on the frugal-community facebook and twitter pages for all of you to see!

So, what’s your favorite frugal recipe?


5 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Frugal Recipe?

  1. So, at first glance, a good meaty stew (or curry) isn’t frugal. But if you make a whole batch and serve one or two at a go, and freeze it (in a plastic bag – this is key and I’ll explain why in a second) — all of a sudden you have 4-8 other meals!

    The plastic ziplock bag is key because you can freeze it flat, and then when you go to have more, you let it thaw just long enough that you can break off the amount you want and reheat only that (possibly with a little added water). Another option would be to portion it out into other smaller bags so you can grab your soup in the morning before work and it will keep other things cold and thaw to a convenient temperature by lunch time, and all you do is dump the contents into your microwave bowl.

    Um, and I’ll add some recipes later.

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