Best Personal Finance Apps

mint androidAre you looking for an easy way to track your budget and save some money? These personal finance apps are one of the best ways to do just that. These apps can help you to track your spending, pay your bills, create a grocery list, and even find cheap gas! Here are five free apps to put on your smartphone:

  • This app comes from the makers of the popular personal finance website This app works in sync with the your free, Mint web account to automatically track bank accounts, credit cards, loans, spending, and much more. While you can’t modify your budget on the app, it does offer you easy access to look at your budget while you are out to make sure that you are on track. The app has the option of being passcode protected, so if you lose your phone no one has access to your accounts. The app is simple and easy to use, definitely the number one finance app in my book.
  • Easy Envelope Budget Aid: This app puts the popular envelope budgeting system on your phone. You can add some envelopes (budget categories) and then add a transaction every time you spend. It’s simple, clean, and free. Like Mint, Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) is an app that has been created to work together with its web tool which has a variety of free and paid plans. While EEBA functions similarly to many budgeting apps, it also has the ability to be shared with another family member or significant other.
  • Bill Tracker: This easy to use app allows you to view your outstanding and upcoming bills on your phone. It helps you track your bills and features a helpful reminder system that notifies you when a bill is due. It also includes an archive of past bills so that you can see your full payment history. There are free and paid versions available for this app.
  • Check: Check, like BillTracker, is a free app that helps you manage your bills. However, this app also features bill pay for $0.30/transaction. After linking your accounts, Check packs your information into a standardized, easy-to-read format with intuitive navigation paths. A few quick taps allow you view transactions and pay your bills. Begin by creating an account.
  • Ziplist: This is one of the easiest meal planning and grocery shopping apps that I have found. This app can help you search for and save recipes, plan meals, organize grocery store trips as well as look at grocery deals and coupons. You can also share your weekly shopping list with family and friends. This app syncs with the ziplist website.
  • Gas Buddy: This is a simple app that helps you to find the cheapest gas. You can find gas near you using GPS or search by city or zip. You can look at the options in a list or on a map.

Join the Conversation: What is your favorite personal finance app?


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