Procrastinator’s Guide to Frugal Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

According to the National Retail Federation, over 170 million Americans will celebrate Halloween, spending over 8 million dollars. The average spending per person is predicted to be almost $80 on decorations, costumes, and candy! For those of us who are trying to live frugally, holidays can be a challenge. Here are a few frugal, DIY Halloween costumes for those who are still looking for ideas for this year or beginning to think about next year:

  • Classic Toga Costume: Wrap yourself in a sheet + sandals + put leaves in your hair
  • Jay Crew: Polo Shirt + Khakis + a name tag that says “Jay”
  • Jellyfish: Clear umbrella + party streamers or metallic ribbons hanging from it
  • Sick and Tired: Pajamas + thermometer + ice pack + pillow
  • Olympian: Track suit + medal + Olympics logo
  • Hippy: Tye-Dye apparel + bell bottoms + sunglasses + beads
  • Prom Queen: Formal dress (old bridesmaid dress, prom dress, etc.) + Tiara + Sash
  • Facebook: Write “book” across your face
  • Mixed Greens: Wear a variety of different green clothing
  • Beer Bottle: T-shirt of favorite beer brand + Get a foil pie plate, punch two holes in it at either end, and run string through it. Put it on your head like a hat and tie it.
  • Identity Crisis: Plaster yourself with nametags, each with a different name.
  • Survivor Loser: Raggedy clothes + Messy Hair + Tiki Torch (from a garden supply store)
  • Freudian Slip Costume: Write Freudian words (regression, Oedipal complex, etc.) on a slip
  • Highway: Black clothes + Yellow dotted line with duck tape down the middle + toy cars and paper signs glued on your body.

For more ideas check out wisebread, realsimple, buzzfeed, and essortment.

Join the Conversation: What is your favorite frugal Halloween costume?


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