Frugal Fitness Challenge: Creative and Fun Ways to Workout

This is our final week of the Frugal Fitness Challenge. We have looked at frugal fitness options, nutrition, and grocery shopping. This week I am investigating some outside of the box forms of exercise to help you break out of your workout rut even in the dead of winter.

Are you looking to put a little pizzazz into your workout? Are you getting bored running, walking, or lifting weights? Looking for something a little more exciting especially with winter on its way? Here are a few creative and fun ways to workout throughout the fall and winter:

  • Rake and Jump in Leaves: Act like a kid! Rake up a big pile of leaves and jump in them. This is even more fun if you get a few friends together. Don’t have a yard of your own? Why not rake a neighbor or friend’s yard for them, you can have a little fun, get a great workout and do something kind.
  • Nordic Walking: This is a great way to put a little pep in your step during any season. This way of walking with special poles burns 40% more calories than regular walking and engages the upper body and core. Here is an instructional video on Nordic Walking. Many cities have nordic walking groups, including the twin cities. Some groups even provide the poles!
  • Zumba: A latin-inspired form of exercise that is a combination of dance and aerobics put to the beat of lively, fun music. Many community centers, fitness clubs, and even churches are offering this with varied pricing. Search here to find classes near you.
  • Dancing: Dancing can be a really great work out as well as fantastic way to have fun with friends and meet people. Many cities have salsa and swing dancing classes and clubs. If you are little shy about your dancing skills, you can always play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for a great dance workout at home.
  • Jump: Did you really enjoy jumping on trampolines as a kid? Well, your fun doesn’t have to stop with adulthood. Jumping on trampolines can be a great workout! There are even some indoor trampoline parks, like Sky Zone, that offer aerobic fitness classes.
  • Old 80s Fitness Videos: One of my favorite, fun ways to get fit is to unearth some of those 80s and 90s fitness videos out of your parent’s basement or local library. You will not only get a great workout, but also a good laugh!
  • Broomball: One of winter’s most fun ice sports is broomball. A recreational winter sport that is similar to hockey. See if their are any recreational leagues near you, like this on in St. Paul.
  • Hula Hooping: Bring out that old hula hoop from your parent’s garage and get a great core workout this winter. This a great cardio exercise to do inside or outside.
  • Climbing Wall: Did you love climbing trees when you were a kid? Why not get your workout climbing a rock wall this winter? Here is a guide to the climbing walls and caves in the twin cities.

For more great ideas, check out this article on fun ways to workout. What are you favorite fun and creative ways to workout in the fall and winter?


2 thoughts on “Frugal Fitness Challenge: Creative and Fun Ways to Workout

  1. I do my routine workout jumping on trampolines even at home! I am having fun doing it. It feels like I’m not working out at all. My little brother wants to try it so I decided to buy trampoline nets for his safety. You got a great post by the way. I’m glad you included trampolines. Keep it up.

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