DIY Frugality

Looking for a fun way to save money? Look no further than DIY. “Doing it Yourself” can save you money, give you an exciting project to work on, and help the environment by limiting waste and harsh chemicals. Below you will find some DIY projects and suggested DIY websites:

  • Beauty DIY: Are you looking for low-cost beauty products? Look no further. TLC Style offers 50 different, natural beauty products everything from shampoo to face masks to lip gloss. Similarly, Cindy’s DIY Beauty Products Pinterest page features many DIY beauty and health remedies from nail polish to foaming hand soap to sugar scrub. Why not invite a couple of girl friend’s over for a DIY spa party instead of going to the salon?
  • Cleaning DIY: The cost of cleaning products can definitely add up and all of the harsh chemicals can make them very dangerous to use. The Daily Green offers some DIY cleaning recipes that are both natural and non-toxic. She has ideas for cleaning kitchen counters, hardwood floors, clothes, silverware, and a lot more.
  • Wedding Presents: We are right in the middle of wedding season. Even as a guest, weddings can really add up. Why not cut some of the cost by making your own gift that will be meaningful for the couple? The babble blog offers 25 different DIY wedding projects everything from painted spoons to a rolling bar to his/her pillowcases. I’ve experimented with DIY wedding gifts myself by creating my own word art with the couple’s favorite quote and framing it for their home.
  • Gifts: These gifts are perfect for any occasion! Martha Stewart offers a variety of different DIY project ideas. Even though she says these are for Christmas, most of them are not seasonal. She has 82 ideas for women covering everything from headbands to candles. She also has 31 ideas for men including a pegboard tool organizer and a car travel kit.
  • Wrapping Paper, Bags, Boxes, and Bows: Wrapping gifts can be very expensive. Check out Iris’ pinterest board on DIY Giftbags, Wrapping, and Bows. She has some great wrapping ideas using lace, paper and even Popsicle sticks.

Happy DIY-ing! You will have fun and so will your wallet.

Join the Conversation: What are some of your favorite DIY projects/recipes?


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