Making the Most of Your Staycation at Home

Is your budget too tight to go on an out of town vacation this year? Why not try a staycation? A staycation is a vacation where an individual, family or friends relax in their own city and make day trips to area attractions. Whether you have just a few days or an entire week, a staycation is a great option.

While staycationing at a hotel can help you get the out of town feel, you can also get this feeling at your own home by following these simple tips:

  • Clean and Redecorate Your Space: Before your staycation, clean your house and do all of your laundry so you have no chores left to do. Decorate your space for a vacation by adding candles or moving the furniture around. You might even bring hotel amenities home by purchasing terry cloth robes, high thread count sheets, or nice chocolates to put on your pillows at night. While this may seem expensive, for about the same price as one night in a hotel you can purchase luxuries that you can enjoy for many years.
  • Take A Time Out: Turn off your cell phone. Set your email to “out of office” and don’t look at it until your staycation is over. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, take off your watch and remove all of the clocks in your home. You’re on vacation time!
  • Do A Little Research: Plan your staycation like you would a regular vacation. Check out the local attractions. You’re likely to find out some new things about your city and maybe even a couple of new favorite places to frequent. This is a great time to use your student discounts.
  • Get Outside: Staycations are a great excuse to get outside. Go camping at a local campground or in your backyard. Explore a biking or hiking trail. Have a picnic. Go to the pool.
  • Enjoy Your Time at Home: If you’re at home it can be easy to just do chores and zone out in front of the TV. Instead, indulge in a vacation reading binge, have your own three-day film festival, turn your home into a spa, take up a new craft project, or challenge yourself by trying a new, cooking recipe.
  • Splurge A Little: One of the best parts of a vacation is that you can splurge a little bit and enjoy a few things that you wouldn’t normally allow yourself. You are already saving quite a bit of money by staying local, why not try out that expensive restaurant you’ve read about? Stay at a bed and breakfast for one night? Or, go to a concert or play?
  • Make Memories: Just because you are in town doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t document the occasion. Take pictures and put them in an album. Make a staycation video. Collect brochures of the places you visit and make a scrapbook. Buy souvenirs.

For more staycation ideas check out this REAL SIMPLE article. Happy Staycationing!

Join the Conversation: Have you ever been on a staycation? If so, what is one of your favorite things to do on a staycation?


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