Frugal Chatter: Tweet, Post, and Share Your Ideas

After a little vacation, Frugal-Community is back and has a few new exciting features!! Frugal-Community now has its own Facebook and Twitter pages that will serve as a conversation space where not only me, but all of you blog followers, can share your own frugal thoughts! If you come across a great frugal idea, article, blog, event, activity, . . . share it with the whole community by posting it to our Facebook page or #frugalcommunity. Whether you are from the Twin Cities or not, please feel free to post events from your area. More than likely there is a similar event in another area, if not maybe it will spark someone to begin one. When these pages get enough activity, I hope to start a Frugal Idea of the Week section in the sidebar that will feature the best reader idea posted via Facebook or Twitter on that given week. So like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to join in on the fun!


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