Spring Forward in the Twin Cities

Spring is hear at last! It is warming up and the world is becoming greener. Here are some fun and frugal ways to celebrate the coming of spring:

  • Fresh Groceries: Enjoy some fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers this spring by visiting farmer’s markets or joining a local CSA.
  • Visit the Animals: Visit the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, especially the Spring Flower Show beginning March 24th.  Then visit the Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo during the month of April.
  • Go Maple Syruping: The end of March is the time for tapping the maple trees and making maple syrup. Learn about the process of making syrup, sample some local syrup and even try your hand at tapping the trees at these local events.
  • Easter Eggs: This is the season for Easter eggs. Try making your own with these DIY organic dye recipes. Also, check out the many Easter egg huntsfor families around the Twin Cities.
  • Earth Day Events: Earth day is April 22nd, check out the many events take place around the cities to celebrate our great, green Earth. 
  • Yard Sale/Garage Sale: It’s the season for cleaning and de-cluttering your home/apartment. Join in the fun by hosting your own yard/garage sale with a few friends. Or, check out the many sales around town to find good deals on many household items!
  • Garden: Got a green thumb? Why not try your hand at gardening this Spring? Here are some great tips on creating a Rain Garden in the Twin Cities. 
  • Visit a Local Park or Lake: Take a walk around one of the many local lakes, go for a hike in a park, go camping or bike on the trails. If you are interested in biking but don’t own a bike, take a look at Nice Ride Minnesota’s bike share program.

Join the Conversation: What is your favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities in the Spring?


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