Everyday Frugality: 4 Healthy and Delicious Frugal Recipes

I absolutely love to cook, but it can be hard to find delicious recipes that are not only healthy but frugal. We’ve all tried those “frugal” recipes that taste cheap or flavorless. What a waste of money! The good news is that there are some recipes that meet the trifecta: healthy, delicious, and frugal. Below you will find 4 recipes that I have sampled myself, three of which I make on a regular basis. Try them out and let me know what you think.

  • Duddy Family Spaghetti Recipe: I absolutely LOVE spaghetti and homemade sauce. This is the Spaghetti sauce that my dad used to make for me when I was growing up and I could eat it everyday. It is simple, very flavorful, and easy to adapt to your tastes.
  • Vegetarian Fajita Rice Recipe: I created this recipe myself. I really enjoyed the Mexican rice from the package because it was quick and flavorful, but I wanted to add a few veggies to make it more healthy and add texture. This is a great dish to bring for lunch because it heats up well in the microwave.
  • Veggie Laksa Recipe: I had this tasty soup at my friend’s house last weekend and it is fantastic. It is suprisingly flavorful and rich with very few ingredients. The other 5 ingredient recipes on the page look really good too.
  • Potstickers, Rice and Asparagus: This is one of my favorite summer meals. I get some of the frozen potstickers from Trader Joes and prepare them according to the package. Then I make this Herbed Basmati Rice and Asparagus with Lime and Mint. If you have trouble finding some of the fresh herbs, just leave them out and substitute some of your favorite spices from your spice cabinet. I usually add garlic and crushed red pepper to the asparagus if I can’t find the mint. This meal is quick and surprisingly inexpensive.

I hope that you enjoy these recipes! For more ideas check out: Healthy Budget-Friendly Recipes and the CheapHealthyGood Blog’s Recipe Index. Bon Appetit!

Leave a Comment: What are some of your favorite healthy and delicious frugal recipes?


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