Everyday Frugality: Frugal Fitness for All Seasons

How can you create a more frugal lifestyle? This week I am beginning a series on everyday frugality, looking at the everyday tasks that make up a frugal lifestyle. I will be investigating housing, transportation, eating, shopping, and many other lifestyle aspects. I am kicking off the series with a piece on fitness.

We all know that exercise is important, but exercise can also be very expensive. How can you stay fit on a graduate student’s budget? Here are some ideas!

  • Everyday Fitness: Don’t underestimate the value of everyday opportunities to create a fit lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Burn calories cleaning your apartment/house, babysitting, going shopping or garage saling. Don’t judge those mall walkers, they are getting a good workout!
  • Online Workout Videos: One of the cheapest ways to get fit is to use free online workout videos. Sparkpeople has a variety of videos, some require equipment but there are some that don’t. You can use their fitness generator to find the right video for you. Also check out this other selection of free workout videos. You can find other free workout routines by searching for videos on youtube or for free podcasts on Itunes.
  • Workout DVDs: You can also use workout videos and DVDs. If you don’t have any check your parent’s house for those old 80s workout videos or check out the selection at your local library. Why not gather a group of friends to workout to Buns of Steel a few times a week? You will have plenty of laughs and get a good workout while you’re at it!
  • Get Outside: Use the great outdoors as your fitness center. Get out for a refreshing walk around your neighborhood, run around a park/lake, go out for a hike, bike on one of the trails or go for a swim.
  • Dancing: Dancing can be a really great work out as well as fantastic way to have fun with friends and meet people. Whether you are interested in salsa, swing, or any other kind of dancing, the Twin Cities offers some great opportunities. Check out Tapestry Folkdance Center for a variety of different dance events.
  • Community Classes: Get off campus, meet some new people and get fit by getting involved in some community fitness classes at your local community recreational center. If you live in St. Paul, check out some of the offerings in Roseville.
  • Fitness Centers: As you know, fitness memberships can be very expensive. First check to see if your school has fitness equipment available for free or a small fee. If not, see if your school has deals with area fitness centers or if some of your local fitness centers have student pricing.
  • Fitness Equipment: If you decide to purchase your own fitness equipment, you can often get good quality used equipment from garage sales or from craigslist. If you are really tight on cash, you can turn some of your housewares into fitness equipment.

Join the Conversation: Almost all of the above links are geared towards residents of the Twin Cities. If you aren’t a resident I invite you to find some cool opportunities of your own and share them in the comments section. If you are a Twin Cities resident, what other opportunities have you found?


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