Savor the Last Few Moments of Fall

It’s not too late to get outside, see the leaves change and savor the last few moments of this colorful season.

  • Visit a Park or Lake: Take a walk around one of the many local lakes, go for a hike in a park or bike around on the trails.
  • Camping: Fall is the perfect season for camping and sitting around a campfire. If you’re not quite ready to spend a weekend in a tent why not enjoy the crisp fall air with a bonfire, some smores and hot cider?
  • Apple Picking: Grab some friends, go out to an apple orchard and enjoy this fun, fall tradition. If you want some fun and creative apple recipe ideas check out this link.
  • Relive Your Childhood: Rake some leaves and jump in the pile. Go for a walk with a friend and collect some colorful leaves to press.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Go to a pumpkin patch and find some pumpkins to decorate
  • Take Pictures: It’s the perfect time to take some photos outside with friends or family. Who knows . . . you might even find one good enough for the Christmas card!
  • Study Outside: Savor the last few moments of fall by taking your reading or writing outside to study amongst the falling leaves.
  • Farmer’s Markets: Many of these markets are soon to be coming an end for the year, don’t miss your opportunity to get some fall fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Frisbee Golf: Explore the Twin Cities with a fun game of Frisbee Golf.

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