Why Not Host A Party?

So its Friday night and what are you going to do? You want to take a break from the books and hang out with your friends but you are a little low on cash . . . again. Do you go out and risk breaking the bank just so that you can hang with your friends? Do you really want to be that person that just orders water while everyone else is getting drinks? Or do you succumb to another night in alone watching Netflix? Sometimes it feels like these are the only options that we have.

While you could go out, why not stay in and invite people over? Here are some exciting party ideas that take a little planning but don’t break the bank.

  • Wine Tasting: Host provides snacks and every guest brings a bottle of wine ($10 max) in a paper bag. Sample all of the wines and at the end of the night unveil your favorites!
  • Starving Students Dinner: Get a group of students together for dinner, switch the host each month and compete to see who can create the cheapest meal.
  • Progressive Dinner: Find a few different hosts each featuring a different course. A dinner like this can be even more fun and frugal on foot or on a bike.
  • Minnesota-Style Covered Dish Dinners: Have each guest bring his/her favorite family casserole to share, be sure to swap the recipes too.
  • Game Night: Have a board or card game competition.
  • Not Your Traditional Movie Night: Borrow a projection screen and have a movie night.
  • Girls Night In: Invite all of the girls over for an evening of desserts, girly movies and pampering. Have each guest bring a favorite sweet treat to share and their favorite nail polish.
  • Celebration of Color: Have each guest bring his/her favorite colorful snack (a colorful fruit tray, an array of veggies, 7-layer dip, etc.) and have a coloring contest.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Party: The host provides the ice cream and each guest brings their favorite topping.

3 thoughts on “Why Not Host A Party?

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